About the company

After the Chernobyl accident in 1986, the Department of Dosimetric Control (DDC) of Kombinat provided information support for its liquidation (radiation reconnaissance).
Later, on its basis in 1996, the State Research and Production Enterprise for Regional Environmental Monitoring and Dosimetric Control “RADEK” (SRPE “RADEK”) was established. Also, at the same time on the basis of the Scientific and Technical Center (STC) NGO “Pripyat” was established State
enterprise “Chornobyl Scientific and Technical Center for International Studies” (SE “ChoNCMD”).

In 2000, the State Specialized Research and Production Enterprise “Chornobyl Radioecological Center” (SSRPE “Ecocenter”) was established on the basis of these enterprises, which in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine from 09.12.2010.
The state specialized enterprise “Ecocenter” was established in 2016 by separating the Measuring Center from the Chornobyl Special Complex.

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Areas of activity

Radiation and ecological monitoring of the natural environment

Radiation and dosimetric control

Expert support of regulatory authorities, storage operators and radwaste suppliers in the field of their characterization

Scientific-analytical and research works

Water protection activities

International cooperation with the world's leading scientific institutions

This list of activities is not exhaustive. In particular, the company works with appeals of citizens, public authorities, enterprises and organizations on the provision of certificates and information on participation in the liquidation of the Chernobyl disaster; participates in the implementation of state policy in the field of civil protection and the implementation of a set of measures on special work and military accounting; implements projects aimed at rehabilitation of the exclusion zone, etc.
All activities that require special permits or licenses by law are carried out by the company only after obtaining them.


Pursuant to the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 512/2019 and in accordance with the Strategy for the Development of the Exclusion Zone for 2021 – 2030, the creation of a modern scientific and innovative structure – “CHERNOBYL SCIENTIFIC HUB” was initiated on the basis of SSE “Ecocenter”.

The company is actively involved in the organization and implementation of international cooperation in programs and projects of the European Union, IAEA, NATO, and coordinates the efforts of selected groups of scientists from universities, institutes, laboratories of most European countries, Japan and the United States. alienation.