Radiation monitoring services

Measurements aimed at assessing the exposure dose to individuals or groups of people, as well as the radiation status of industrial and ecological territories, vehicles and goods in order to identify possible contamination with radionuclides and prevent extraneous activities with ionizing radiation.


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Description of the service

Radiation and dosimetry control in the exclusion zone covers about 100 objects of enterprises and organizations. It consists of:
– radiation-dosimetric control (if such is absent at the enterprises) when performing construction and installation, decontamination works, disposal of radioactive waste and other types of works of economic activity of enterprises in the exclusion zone;
– control over the level of radiation pollution of public catering establishments and places of residence of personnel in the exclusion zone;
– control of radiation-hazardous objects.

In order to prevent the removal of radioactive contamination outside the exclusion zone, all vehicles, cargo and personnel undergo radiation monitoring at dosimetric checkpoints.
Individual dosimetric control and control of 137 Cs content in the body (using a human radiation spectrometer) covered almost 5 thousand employees of the exclusion zone.

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Stages of service provision

Stage 1
Receipt and processing of applications for radiation dosimetric control

After receiving the application, the team receives the coordinates of the applicant and goes for dosimetric control. It is necessary to check the serviceability of measuring instruments.

Stage 2
Departure of the brigade and implementation of RDС

Depending on the need, the team conducts dosimetric control, adhering to established standards and safety precautions. The date and time of the measurements must be indicated.

Stage 3
Receipt, processing and transmission of results to the Customer

With the help of special devices the radiation condition of the area is assessed. Тhe final figures are recorded in the database and transmitted to the Customer.

Cost of works

List of services provided by SSE “Ecocentre” for radiation and dosimetric control in the exclusion zone

Type of works (services)

Tariff, UAH (including VAT)


Current instrumental individual dosimetric control of external irradiation (1 drive)



Current instrumental control of 137 Cs content in the body (1 person)



1 person-year radiation dosimetric control



Radiation and dosimetric control on RZB racks (1 person)



Direct radiation and dosimetric control of cars (1 car)



Direct radiation and dosimetric control of two-axle trucks (1 car)



Прямий радіаційно-дозиметричний контроль      тривісного вантажного автотранспорту  (1 автомобіль)



Direct radiation-dosimetric control of 1 bus



Direct radiation control of enterprise objects (1 control point-measurement)


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