Department of operation of water protection structures and systems

To study the migration of radionuclides into groundwater and groundwater after the Chernobyl accident, a network of control and observation wells was created, which consists of single and bush wells.

Моніторинг ЗВ

Minimization of radionuclide removal from the exclusion zone

Technical support of radiological monitoring

Implementation of measures to prevent floods and inundations

Control and measurement of water levels

Description of the service

All work on keeping wells in satisfactory technical condition is performed in full. When performing works, drilling rigs UGB-1 VS, URB-2,5, UAZ, compressor, motor pump, electric pumps, mowers, chainsaws are used.

In order to prevent contamination of groundwater and groundwater through the wellhead or annulus, a control inspection of wells that have failed and are not suitable for further use and are subject to sealing. Execution of works is provided by the program “Maintenance of ecologically safe condition in zones of alienation and unconditional (obligatory) resettlement” (KPKV 2408110).

In order to protect groundwater from radiological and bacteriological contamination, liquidation tamponing of control and observation wells is carried out. There is also an additional inventory of the number and technical condition of wells in settlements deregistered in connection with the resettlement of residents from areas of unconditional (mandatory) resettlement after the Chernobyl accident, and liquidation of abandoned wells. The works are performed in accordance with the order of SAUEZ from 04.10.2012 № 144. When performing the works, vehicles, special equipment and the involved team of specialists of the site are used.

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Stages of service provision

Stage 1
Processing of the application for drilling of wells / radiation condition of water structures

After receiving the application, the team receives the coordinates of the area and goes to drill a well. At the same time, it is necessary to check up serviceability of devices.

Stage 2
Execution of works on the ground

Depending on the need, the team conducts the process of drilling wells / monitoring the condition of water structures, adhering to established standards and safety precautions. The time and place of work must be indicated.

Stage 3
Obtaining and processing results

With the help of special devices, the radiation condition of water structures / wells is assessed. Processing the results takes very little time, and the final figures are recorded in the databases

Photo of Departament work

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