Individual dosimetric control services

Individual dosimetry monitoring services are used to check the amount of radiation a person is exposed to, ensuring that they do not receive more than the established limit.


Use of modern verification methods

A wide range of dosimetric services

Get accurate data in a short time

Operational fixation of indicators in the database

Description of the service

The service of individual dosimetric control is to measure and control the level of human radiation exposure and provide individual dose limits depending on human needs. This includes determining the best protection for the type of person working and developing an individual plan to minimize or prevent any undue influence.

Individual dosimetry control services are usually offered to hospitals, universities, nuclear medicine providers, research organizations, and visitors to the exclusion zone. That is why it is necessary to create a dosimetric map that includes information about radiation in different areas. This card should include information on how much time a person can spend in a particular area without being exposed to dangerous levels of radiation.

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Stages of service provision

Stage 1
Receipt and processing of the application for individual dosimetric control

After receiving the application, employees contact the customer to clarify the information (purpose of the inspection, place and time). Before leaving, be sure to check the serviceability of measuring instruments.

Stage 2
Departure of the team to the Customer's location (hospital / institute / enterprise, etc.)

Depending on the need, the team conducts dosimetric control of the customer’s location. In case IDС is necessary for visitors of the exclusion zone, the employees of SSE “Ecocenter” issue special radiation accumulators for them.

Stage 3
Obtaining and processing the results of the inspection

With the help of special devices, the radiation condition is assessed. Processing the results takes very little time, and the final figures are recorded in the database and passed to the customer or firefighters, Chernobyl workers and guides.

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